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    876,318 meals packaged in 2016 - 630,870 YTD 2017

Sixth Container of Aid Delivered to South Sudan

Sixth Container of Aid Delivered to South Sudan

June 28, 2017
by dale
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Partnerships with WaterStep, InStove, and other organizations have helped expand the outreach to orphaned children in South Sudan.

As conflict in South Sudan rages on, more and more children are pushed to the brink of starvation.  Since 2013, Love the Hungry has been providing daily nourishment to more than 900 orphaned children.  On June 22, a shipping container was loaded with more than 250,000 Nutri-Plenty® meals, 15 WaterStep WaterBalls, 4 WaterStep bleach making kits, 11 high-efficiency biomass cookstoves, 35 blankets, 50 lbs of hand soap, and two chalkboards.  THANK YOU to the many Kentuckiana volunteers and organizations that helped make this possible.

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