• 8,230,216 total meals provided

    Celebrating 523 volunteers of all ages

    packaging 135,684 Nutri-Plenty® meals YTD in 2023!

9 Volunteers + 90 Minutes = Nourishment for 90 Children

9 Volunteers + 90 Minutes = Nourishment for 90 Children

July 15, 2020
by dale
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The slowdown in the global economy has deepened the hunger crisis in regions already vulnerable to food insecurity. Love the Hungry is engaging small-group volunteer teams to help meet the growing demand for fortified Nutri-Plenty meals. In just 90 minutes, your team of nine volunteers can produce enough Nutri-Plenty servings to feed ninety children for an entire month! Volunteers will work in a safe, sanitized environment, with the appropriate spacing requirements. Now more than ever, hunger will not end without your help. To learn more contact Love the Hungry at info@lovethehungry.org or phone 502-459-9199.

Volunteers work together – six feet apart! Contact us today to schedule a packaging session.

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