• 8,230,216 total meals provided

    Celebrating 523 volunteers of all ages

    packaging 135,684 Nutri-Plenty® meals YTD in 2023!

Nutri-Plenty™ Meals

nutriplentyforwebsiteOur goal at Love the Hungry is to provide the most nutritious meal possible.  To assist us in the battle against hunger, our Nutri-Plenty™ meals were developed with the help of Pack Away Hunger (Indianapolis) and The Mathile Institute for the Advancement of Human Nutrition®.

The meals contain Mathile M+ Micronutrients™, a scientifically-proven blend of 21 vitamins and minerals shown to alleviate and reverse malnutrition in children.

The healthy mixture of rice, soy, vegetables and flavorings is easy to prepare and every Nutri-Plenty™ pouch provides six nutritious meals/servings.

Nutri-Plenty™ meals have a long shelf-life and are packaged in sturdy double-corrugated cartons for shipment and distribution throughout the world.

Nutri-Plenty Family Meal Recipes

The Nutri-Plenty meal provides a nutritious blend of ingredients that can easily be prepared for your family to enjoy.  Use these simple suggestions to create a delicious, family meal:

  • Bring 6 cups of water to a boil. Remove foil packet (to be added later) and add dry ingredients to boiling water.
  • Add one can of cream-based soup (Cream of Chicken, Mushroom, or Celery)
  • Add one can of additional protein, using canned chicken or tuna. Include water from the can.
  • Cook for recommended 20 minutes as stated on the meal pouch, then add contents of foil packet and stir. Make sure rice is fully cooked.
  • Season to taste.

It’s easy to create other varieties by including canned beans or vegetables.

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