• 8,230,216 total meals provided

    Celebrating 523 volunteers of all ages

    packaging 135,684 Nutri-Plenty® meals YTD in 2023!

2023 Outreach Feeds Children and Families in 12 Countries

2023 Outreach Feeds Children and Families in 12 Countries

January 4, 2024
by dale
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The mission of Love the Hungry is to provide nutrient-rich meals that alleviate and reverse the effects of malnutrition – especially in young children. With your support, Love the Hungry made a significant impact in 2023, reaching those suffering from food insecurity and hunger throughout the world:

4,000+ volunteers of all ages participated in 85 packaging sessions

— Nearly 800,000 Nutri-Plenty servings were packaged – enough to feed 25,000+ children every day for an entire month

— More than 900,000 meals were delivered to Feeding Centers in twelve countries, including Chad, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, South Sudan, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United States

60,000 fortified meals were donated to local organizations serving families throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana

Nutri-Plenty® meals are prepared at the Hearts in Motion Nutrition Center in Pueblo Modelo, Guatemala.

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