• 8,230,216 total meals provided

    Celebrating 523 volunteers of all ages

    packaging 135,684 Nutri-Plenty® meals YTD in 2023!

Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships

Love the Hungry’s Nutri-Plenty™ meals are donated to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) located in parts of the world where children suffer from chronic undernourishment. Our global partners must demonstrate good stewardship and a history of compassionate outreach to the world’s vulnerable children. In addition to nutritious meals, our NGO partners also make clean water initiatives, basic medical care, shelter and education a high priority.

Love the Hungry strives to create sustainable solutions by narrowing our primary focus to these regions:

Since 2012, Love the Hungry has provided 2.1 million meals to Children’s Lifeline and their network of schools, orphanages and families in need. With more than two decades of experience, Children’s Lifeline emphasizes sustainability through education, agriculture, and trade skills training.


Since the invasion of Ukraine, Love the Hungry has been actively engaged in providing humanitarian aid.  400,000 fortified meals have either been delivered or committed to future shipments to assist children and families displaced by the war.  The efforts are made possible through collaborative strategies that include nonprofit/NGO partners SOS International, World of Connections, Operation Ukraine, MAGNA International, and Healing Hands International.

South Sudan
Since violence and political unrest erupted in 2013, Love the Hungry has partnered with Nile Orphan to send nine containers of humanitarian aid to South Sudan. With tens of thousands of children at risk of starvation, our meals have brought hope to displaced orphans, families, and hospitalized children. In May of 2016, Love the Hungry visited South Sudan to assess the impact of humanitarian aid and to meet with local officials to begin development of the first LTH Nutrition Center.  Phase One was completed in 2019, with the construction of a clean water site – including a borehole well, solar pumping station, water tank tower, and security fencing.  Louisville-based nonprofit WaterStep has provided expertise for this project.

Central America
Children in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua suffer from chronic undernourishment in alarming numbers. Through partnerships with Mission Guatemala, Bethel Ministries International, the Nicaragua Christian Education Foundation, World of Connections and others, children are benefiting from daily fortified meals.

Liberia / Mali / West Africa
In response to the Ebola crisis, Love the Hungry partnered with Supplies Over Seas and Water With Blessings to deliver food-aid, medical supplies and water purifiers to Liberia. In January 2016, a container of medical supplies and 100,000+ fortified meals arrived in Mali.  Meals have also been delivered to Sierra Leone and Guinea.  Love the Hungry has partnered with SOS (Supplies Over Seas) to provide fortified meals for container shipments of medical aid.

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