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Nonprofit Global Health Partnership Sends Aid to Turkey/Syria

Nonprofit Global Health Partnership Sends Aid to Turkey/Syria

March 2, 2023
by dale
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In the aftermath of the February 6th earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria, local nonprofit organizations quickly addressed the most urgent needs and responded with a shipment of humanitarian aid. SOS helped coordinate the effort and provide logistical support to load a UPS cargo plane with 200,000 pieces of first-response medical supplies, 80 bleach making kits from WaterStep, 800 wool blankets from the local Red Cross, and more than 70,000 fortified meals from Love the Hungry. With funding from the UPS Foundation, a UPS disaster response flight was scheduled, and the supplies arrived on February 18. Non-governmental agencies in both Turkey and Syria are coordinating distribution of the supplies.

More than 50,000 deaths have been reported, and it’s estimated that 1.5 million homes were destroyed.

A collaborative response from SOS, WaterStep, Love the Hungry, UPS and the local Red Cross provided urgently needed supplies to Turkey and Syria.

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