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Clean Water Initiative is Phase 1 of South Sudan Nutrition Center Project

Clean Water Initiative is Phase 1 of South Sudan Nutrition Center Project

June 26, 2019
by dale
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Since 2014, Love the Hungry has been engaged in a partnership that helps ensure basic care for more than 900 orphaned children in South Sudan. Seven shipments of humanitarian aid have provided 1.2 million fortified meals, clothing, blankets, medical and hygiene supplies, water purification equipment, school supplies and much more. With the help of Louisville-based nonprofits WaterStep and Supplies Over Seas, the impact has been multiplied even further.

Access to clean water is essential to good health. With no water source nearby, water must be purchased weekly and hauled to the site where children gather for school and a daily meal. It’s costly, and the quality of the water is very poor. With the support of many generous donors, Love the Hungry has launched a Clean Water Initiative that includes drilling of a deep borehole/well, installation of a solar-powered pumping station, construction of a water tank tower, and installation of water purification equipment (provided through WaterStep). The project will enable up to 5,000 liters of water to be purified and available for use at all times.

Additional phases for the project include construction of a kitchen/storage facility with classroom space, hand washing stations, and latrines.

Children help greet the borehole drilling team as the project gets underway.
A tower is erected to hold storage tanks, a solar pumping station, and purification equipment.
A security fence will also be installed.
Two tanks will ensure that up to 5,000 liters of clean water are available at all times.

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